Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC 

Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC  (SwEP) is an independent, not for profit, publishing agent focusing on supporting the working poet and non-profit organizations.

Based in Albuquerque, NM we work within our local community along with international authors and artists to create a plethora of publications which not only promote up and coming poets, but also bring awareness to various social issues and public concerns through topical anthologies. 

With over 50 publications under our belt, SwEP works hard to represent our authors and create publications of which our authors are proud. Click here to view our amazing catalog of publications. 

Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC  hosts a yearly chapbook Open Call to find new voices. Please see the list of open calls below or the Call for Submissions on the website to see if we are currently seeking manuscript submissions.

We regularly publish our Weekly Write on our website. Click here to see our weekly features of poetry and short prose.

We do charge a submission fee. To find out why: Click Here.

Please visit our website to learn more about our goals, calls for submissions, and the poets we represent. Check out some of our publications to see if we are good fit for your writing, then polish up your best pieces to submit.

Did you create something wonderful during the Gold Writing Workshop? 

We would love to share your writing with the world. Submit your writing (poetry or prose) here and we will pick one submissions a week to share on our website. 

Only people who have attended the Gold Writing Workshop are eligible for publications. Sign in records are kept on site, so be sure to sign and send work inspired by the workshop to be considered for publication.

Yes, there is a small submissions fee. Here's why:  https://swimmingwithelephants.com/?s=fee 

Off Season Chapbook Submissions

Due to the large amount of email requests, Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC has decided to open a category for people who would like to submit manuscripts during our off season.

Our yearly Open Call for chapbooks runs from October to December, but if you have requested to have your chapbook reviewed during another time, you may submit it and your publication goals through this form.

Pros to submitting during off season:

Less competition

Cons to submitting during off season:

Longer response time

Increased submission cost

Less reviewers (only 1 or 2 people might review your manuscript as opposed to a panel of guest judges)

Really, we would like peple to only submit during our yearly Open Call, but we get enough requests from people throughout the year who would like us to read and review their manuscript, that this option has become necessary. Due to the time and resources reviewing manuscripts requires, we are no longer able to read and review your manuscripts for free.



SwEP is seeking previously unpublished manuscripts of poems 25-150 pages in length. We are looking for well-crafted, visceral and daring material that promotes crossing physical/psychological/spiritual/gendered borderlands, therefore breaking boundaries and blurring the lines.   As per usual, SwEP is looking for diverse voices and are particularly interested in poetry that promotes an innate intersectionality of social issues and a deep respect for humanity. We like our poetry achingly raw and true to who YOU are as a writer. We have a goal of promoting marginalized voices and those who are most often overlooked. If you feel your work doesn't have a place to 'fit,' it may be perfect for us.  Open to writers worldwide, the open call is facilitated as a blind submission process via SwEP Submissions Manger. Additionally, all finalists will be considered for further SwEP publications and features.       


  • Get to know our press to make sure we are a good fit for you and your publication goals. Explore our website, order some of our publications, review our works on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Goodreads.
  • Send your best work. Make sure your collection is complete, edited, and polished before hitting the submit button. 


Swimming with Elephants Publications accepts submissions and payment of the entry fee ($50) exclusively through our online submission manager, Submittable. We are not able to accept submissions via email or postal mail. The submission fee is strictly to cover the price of production and pay our guest judges for their time and hard work. To learn more about why we charge a submission fee, click here. 

All entries are read blind. All manuscripts should include a title page (listing only the title of the collection). Manuscripts should be paginated and formatted in an easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman. Manuscripts submitted during our Off Season will be read by a staff member who regularly edits our manuscripts or reviews our products.  

Identifying information for the author should not be included anywhere on the manuscript itself, including in the name of your file or in the “title” field in Submittable. Please include a brief bio and your publication goals in the cover letter on submittable, which will be made accessible to the editorial panel.

It is important to include your publication goals. If your goals are outside of our abilities, we will let you know.  

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable and encouraged, but please notify us by withdrawing your manuscript from Submittable immediately if it is accepted for publication elsewhere.   Multiple submissions (the submission of more than one manuscript) are permitted. A separate submission fee is required for each submission. 

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