Ends on December 1, 2019

$3.00 USD

Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC is searching for authors and poets who are interested in having their work featured in this year's anthology.

Each week, beginning in January of 2020, Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC has published one poem or short prose piece (1,000 words or less) on our website. Our goal is to collect a variety of styles, voices, topics, and types of writing to share with our growing audience in order to create new readers, share important messages, and inspire others. 

At the end of 2020, a selection of the writing collected (approximately 20-30 pieces) will be placed together to form a print anthology. All contributors will receive a copy of the anthology featuring their work. 

The 2019 anthology will be compiled and edited by Maxine Peseke and will be available in December 2019.

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What to send us:

  • Please send up to three (3) ready to publish pieces of writing.  
  • Compile your submissions into one (1) file. 
  • Please do not put your name, contract information, or any other identifying information in your file.  Your information will be included in the Submittable fields. 
  • We accept poetry of any style and length, but if it is exceptionally long, there should be a good reason behind it. 
  • We will also accept other forms of prose writing, but please keep in mind our 1,000 word limit. 
  • Please do not submit again until you hear from us regarding your first submission. You should hear from us in approximately six (6) weeks. If you do not hear a response at that time, please query. 

There is no specific theme at this time. We want to see your best work. 

Because our goal is to publish an anthology, we are asking a small submission fee to help with resources.